While we`re young


We watched this ( just out on DVD) film last night, slightly out of my comfort zone, but really enjoyed it .A clever but actually simple idea for a story, that will make anyone over the age of forty think!

I have to say that we all have friends who are old before their time, or that we perceive to be /act older than we do, and maybe that is because it depends on the `world` work-wise and interest-wise in which we live. At the end of the film I certainly could identify with both couples, so felt quite pleased that I am not that out of touch at all. Well actually I do know that I am not. I liked Cornelia`s father , another generation older, who actually ( and again maybe because he was a film-maker), had his finger more on the pulse in some ways than his son. Interesting….

Oh and PS. I absolutely detest those wretched pork pie hats!

Plot: Noah Baumbach writes and directs this comedy starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a childless married couple living in New York who befriend a younger and more `exciting` couple. Fed up of their friends who pressure them into beginning a family of their own, documentary film-maker Josh (Stiller) and wife Cornelia (Watts) meet hipster couple Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried) and start to enjoy the new and refreshing experiences that come with the territory. However, are Jamie and Darby’s motivations for spending time with the older couple as harmless as they seem?
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Ladies who lunch…


wiv bell

It was an absolutely abysmal day today as I wended my way along the coast, past copious holiday- makers crabbing on the quayside at Wells ; huddled under grey skies in the rain wearing decidedly un-summery clothing. Four of us girlies ( my very glam friends) were meeting for lunch at The Wiveton Bell , just a mile inland from the coastal village of Blakeney , ( haven`t been there for yonks), with great plans to sit and eat outside in the sunshine in the stylish garden there.

But the Great British Summer weather prevailed ,and by the time we were seated in the conservatory it was raining sooo hard it sounded as though the roof was falling in!

But we had the best gossip and chat about all things girlie, and all superbly superficial ( but these things do matter!): holidays, holiday packing, the dreaded case weight rules,  lipsticks, handbags and shoes, our past relationships (!?), bitchy women we know, London, and art . Loved it all.

The food was excellent.

Lobster with very good hand made chips (with the skins still on), rocket and parmesan salad, sublime crab linguine with chilli, followed by lime parfait with raspberry ice, and Italian wine with tons of ice ( such a hot day ha ha.)

So it was good to be back. And the bad?  VERY stained  cushion covers on the banquettes, and although we had very good service, when we had spilt water on the table, I asked the waiter if he could clear it up , he came back and gave me a handful of what he called`serviettes` ( no no no no; `napkins` at all times), and said `there you are`. No that is not right!!

A fun time though despite the ghastly weather.


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Just fab music





I have just heard four albums via a playlist on  Spotify ,and bought them on ITunes immediately.Just fabulous…

The first are by the very young ( 14 years old!) Jasmine Thompson who has an amazing breathy , haunting voice a tad `Birdie` like. My favourite song by her is `Say Something`.I love it.

The second are by Boyce Avenue one of the best group of hidden talents found on You Tube. They are best known for their cover work but can produce their own amazing music too.

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Night Train to Lisbon


lisbon-2_1774477b 91BJfo+q6qL__SL1500_

Night Train to Lisbon is such a great film.We watched it last night and really enjoyed it…stylish, beautifully acted ..Lisbon looking lovely, and flashing back to a period of history that I knew little about. A must-watch.

Jeremy Irons, Mélanie Laurent , Charlotte Rampling and Jack Huston star in this drama adapted from the novel by Pascal Mercier. Swiss professor Raimund Gregorius (Irons) saves a young woman from jumping off a bridge and committing suicide. She leaves before he gets the chance to talk to her but in her haste forgets her coat and a book – a memoir written by Amadeu do Prado (Huston) – inside which is a train ticket to Lisbon. Hoping it will lead him to the woman, Raimund boards the train to Lisbon and goes on a search to discover more about the author’s life, which is seen in flashbacks. He learns of Amadeu’s time as a resistance fighter during the Salazar dictatorship and his relationship with his friends and the woman he loved, Estefânia (Laurent). Along the way Raimund meets and befriends an optician, Mariana (Martina Gedeck), and comes to some realisations about his own life.

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Lunch on the beach at Herradura, Spain

















For the first time during one of our breaks at our second home in Spain, we drove the scary( to me !) road through he mountains west of Nerja to Herradura, a short drive despite the palpitations, in which you get a feel of the `real` Spain and its vastness.

Herradura is a smart resort with a lovely long beach and perfect waters to swim in ..crystal clear and just on the right side of cool as it was a whopping 40 degrees in the hot sun.

Interestingly Laurie Lee in his book `As I walked out one Midsummer Morning` written in 1969,a memoir of his journey on foot through Spain, he ends up on the beach in Herradura, only to be removed by the British Navy due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

We spent many days on the beach here, both on the main sands and also just around the corner in a pebbly cove presided over by a lovely white house called the Albatros, which I really coveted…

The swimming was bliss and we ate at the lovely El Chambao de Joaquin( try pronouncing that!!!) at the far west end of the beach, and enjoyed fab clams,  Pulpo and amazingly huge bright red sweetest of  Gambas Rojas  cooked on olive wood on the  barbacoa right next to the terrace. The perfect lunch.

The last photo is of my son enjoying his lunch.. is that a moustache or a `crustache`!!!

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Tapas at Maro



IMG_2667 s44
IMG_2666 IMG_2663






Three weeks in Spain this time, so we ventured several times to the charming coastal village of Maro( famous for its caves, aquaduct and links with Larios Gin). It is only 15 minutes drive from our house and we became hooked on our modest routine of drinks, tapas, short stroll, drinks tapas, another stroll , ending up in the Balcon de Maro for coffee and liqueurs and some surprisingly good local musica (with a bit of a light show too), all preformed next to the ancient church in the square .Fab. A good bit of local colour too, with children running around and the grand dames of the village all dancing together in a circle!

With the remnants of sugar cane planting edging the fields, an abandoned sugar mill( Larios Gin again), and the swaying palms, Maro has a touch of the Caribbean in its environs…

The Maro Social Club with its great view of the sea was our first stop for a drink and Tapas(1.50 euros), a great place to watch the world go by, stray dogs, smart dogs ..old men in straw hats, and teenagers on mopeds. We were surrounded by the elder of the village, old ladies in their sunday best gossiping and the men playing cards… we ate calamari, calamaritos, pulpo and  jamon . A good place to practise my Spanish.

Our favourite Tapas bar is a short walk away tucked in a corner and full of locals putting the world to rights, men doing the talking this time,  and the women doing the knitting ; (fanning themselves vigorously due to the extreme heat we were experiencing), most didn`t even have a drink, it`s obviously a popular village meeting place.

El Rincon de la Tapa( Andalucian spelling there) is a genuine non messed about with Tapas bar, TV with Spanish football on in the corner, a jamon hanging over the bar, and a plancha behind ,where owner Francis rules the roost. Our complimentary Tapas of bread with fried quails egg and anchovy was so delicious we asked for it each visit. The small menu of `racions` included, ham, manchegeo, filletas, pinchitos and my husband and son`s  favourite Morcilla ( black pudding).

In these days of `Tapas` has been corrupted into some awful interpretations of what was simple Spanish food, it was great to be in a real local bar.

Maro is absolutely lovely and also has a lovely beach down a very steep hill, with  nightmare  parking so I would avoid in high season.

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The Blue Door



IMG_2498 IMG_2506 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2504 IMG_2505

IMG_2507 IMG_2516

Walking through the pretty white village of Frigiliana in southern Spain last week, I couldn`t ( once again) resist taking photographs of the lovely blue doors spied along my walk to the Plaza..here they are!.Oh and two pictures of the church thrown in for good measure…one before the vino and one afterwards!

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