James Poole



As a result of my Blog post about singer songwriter Jack Savoretti, someone contacted me via Twitter and said that I must surely listen to the newest song RUNAWAY just released by the cute looking James Poole. So listen I did and I liked it. Very much.

Here`s the link:


Love that You Tube has become a platform for talent such as his, he has several more videos on there, including this cover version ( in Italian) of Nights in White Satin.The boy can sing:



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Fabulous Pom Poms





I have just discovered the fab Pom Pom Poodle , who have been selling luxury accessories since 2011.They sell a range of hats, scarves , headbands, and two styles of key rings, and I have bought the chocolate brown and black `luxury` key ring which also looks fun as a handbag charm.( I do love the bright pink one too…) I immediately popped it onto my Michael Kors tan handbag in place of a Pucci scarf that has been there all summer, and I like the look!

Stockists include:
Anya – Hazelmere and Romsey, Hampshire
Avant Garden – Guernsey, Channel Islands
Basant – Weybridge, Surrey
Cosy Campers – Glasgow
Doodie Stark – Lindfield, W. Sussex
Ellimonelli – Birkdale, Merseyside
Juice Boutique – Ledbury, Herefordshire
Loop – Marlow, Bucks
Ordri – Farnham, Surrey
Penrose Interiors – Bakewell
Regatta – Romsey, Hampshire
Rocco – Esher, Surrey
Statement – Banstead, Surrey
Treasure Chest – Galway, S. Ireland
Twinkle Twinkle – Lewes, W. Sussex

For details on becoming a stockist please contact:

Upcoming Events

Ascot Christmas Fair

Thursday 27th – Sunday 30th November 2014
The Pavillion Building, Ascot Race Course, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7JX

Belgravia Christmas Sunday

Sunday 7th December (From 1100-1700)
Elizabeth Street, London, SW1

Chelsea Christmas Fair

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th December
Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road SW3 5EE

Olympia International Horse Show

Tuesday 16th December – Monday 22nd December
Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX

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A beach for all seasons










I know I should be able to embrace and even enjoy each season as it comes upon us, but I can`t! Having been home from Spain for a week, I have been engulfed in misery at the cold, grey skies and lack of sunshine. I don`t like trees, woods, leaves, dark nights, the cold, the heating being on ,and on and on and on. I love clear blue skies, big open spaces, white sands, hot sunshine, balmy evenings, swimming in the sea, eating outside and all the joy that these things bring. I do like wearing winter clothes, boots, and eating autumny food, but the rest , well you can keep it.

So I did have to drag myself out of bed this morn, the first day of `Fall` proper, now that the clocks have tick-tocked their way back an hour. Silly habit. But drag myself I did, and as it was an unplanned breakfast on the beach, no bacon in the fridge.

So, we headed off with flask in hand, suitably wrapped up for the greyest of starts and headed to the beach. Wells Beach Café was buzzing and we made a quick pit-stop there to buy the yummiest of bacon sandwiches:fresh floury baps full of Arthur Howell`s delicious bacon, so we sat on the picnic rug and tucked in. The vista couldn`t have been more different than the summer. So grey, so damp, but I guess lovely in its own way,( I am just saying that). As I tramped across the wet, glutinous sand with my bare feet, I could hardly believe that only a few weeks ago, I dashed across the sands wearing a bathing costume and sarong , mad keen to plough into the sea for a swim…

Harry of course loved it. Give him a beach, find him a stick, old bottle, smashed tennis ball, and he is in doggie heaven, especially with the promise of the last bite of a bacon sandwich too. He was sporting his brand new brightest of orange ( very Hermes) lead  purchased recently from The Magnificent Hound. So magnificent he looked indeed.

It was sooo windy, not by the beach huts, but out on the sand `hump`; a minor gale was blowing. But bracing all the same, and lovely to be outside once more. Having got my moan over with, I did still love it really, but `embrace`, well that`s another word!

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Jack Savoretti







I love a young boho man with a guitar, baring his soul. ( I do love Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne et al). And when he is as gorgeous as the English/Italian 30-something Jack Savoretti,  all I can say is ,well BUONGIORNO!

Jack is my latest crush. I am mad for him, the handsome beast. I just adore his words and I adore his music. Apparently as a teenager he wrote poetry, and his mother bought him a guitar and suggested that he put his words to music. As he says , people listen to his poetry more now…

He has a fine emotive voice, and a gift for a heart-stopping chord or two. His new album `Written in Scars` is out in February 2015, but you can download `Back to Me` from it right now, and do take a sneak peek at his Facebook link where he is singing a cover of Bob Dylan cover `Nobody Cept you` . Just stunning:



One of my most favourite songs is still `Breaking the Rules`  from `Before the Storm`, which came out in 2012,and he made a fabulous classy video to launch it as well. Watch the You Tube link here:




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The blue door











I don`t know why , but I am a bit crazily mad about the doors and windows in Frigiliana ,which is a pretty, much-visited white village ,very near our house in southern Spain. Indeed you will see  , if you scroll much further down on this page , that I have put a selection of pictures on my blog before. This time we trotted further up through the maze of winding streets in the older part of the village and spied many more. Love the blue and white and turquoise and white, I think these colour combinations are always attractive, and in the hot sun the white walls become blindingly whiter. And of course we all want to know what is behind those Spanish doors…

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London town


Ham Yard Hotel

Ham Yard Hotel


















A late afternoon train journey took us to London ( back on the last train, home at 1.45 am not so good), for a fun evening to celebrate my son Tom`s birthday. How can I possibly be old enough to have a son who is to be 28!! We hot footed it to the stunning Ham Yard Hotel for a quick drinkie, as I had been dying to see it. We love all things Firmdale-usually staying at the Knightsbridge Hotel, and I am a great admirer of Kit Kemp`s wacky, eclectic styling. We were not disappointed. I have to say that it was shock after travelling through a much more bucolic vista, to be amongst the very airless heat and restaurant smells of Soho on the walk there. Jostling on pavements with office workers keen to get that early doors drink in one of the plethora of pubs and bars was not my idea  of fun.

But, Ham Yard. Wow. I was greeted at the entrance to the bar with a “hello darling, how fabulous is this! ” by a gorgeous guy ,who  showed us to a great spot ( for people watching ) at the bar. I loved it all. The interiors are colourful, bizarre, hectic, calm, odd and stylish  all in one go, but they work. Fantastic lighting. We will be back.

Dinner was to be at Jason Atherton`s Social Eating House in Poland Street. We were meeting a friend as well as Tom, for drinks  in the bar upstairs  bar-table duly booked, and again buzzy and loud with chat and music. Hot( why did I wear boots) , busy, but fun. I actually had a Marguerita-well two (!),and a bottle of Sauvignon and a Negroni were also imbibed-not by me I might add.

So to the food. So very good. Pretty on the plate .I am not usually a fan of `deconstructed` arrangements-as they tend to look as though they may be others left-overs scraped onto the plate, and if not done well, the food can be , well, too deconstructed. I liked the fact that the menu-pushing the fact that they serve British grown seasonal produce( of course) list it all on the back , noting exactly how many miles it has all travelled; for example, Lamb rump from Romney Marsh 70 miles, wood sorrel from Wales 220 miles, plums from Kent 45 miles, shrimps from Dorset 125 miles. Love it.

The food was perfect. One of their signature dishes , which my husband had,is Wild mushrooms from a bag, cep puree on toast.We all had to taste it. Bliss. As was the Baby linzer potato and Epoisse fondue, Iberico de Bellota shoulder, red chicory and tarragon. Each mouthful bursting with flavour to grunts and murmurings of pleasure ( I think that is know as a `foodgasm`!!!).

Andrew being a tartare fan, chose the Smoked Black Angus tartare, radishes ( boy has this year been the year of the radish!), wood sorrel, horseradish and egg jam. Again we were all digging our forks in. Melt in the mouth. Tom being a serious carnivore had the slow-cooked venison loin, fig jam, cavelo nero, Ryefield goat`s cheese. Sublime. My South Coast Plaice, confit potato, samphire, onions, and brown butter hollandaise was more than delicious and I am going to copy it at home.

We all shared the most divine pudding-Lemon meringue pie, lemonade, black pepper pastry and sour yoghurt, and managed to wolf down a bottle of Barbera Mora( Tom) and two more bottles of Sauvignon Mauzac, but we did shove a cork in one and brought most of it home. They very kindly produce a cute cake box with a chocolately confection in it for the birthday boy, which was lovely , as I don’t even remember telling them it was his birthday when I booked. So a fun foodie, hectic evening, as always came home full of ideas and inspiration.Walked back though a very quiet Carnaby Street to grab a cab and snooze on the train, Kings Lynn bound. Fab.



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Great art , great food

images untitled images996S2NN9 fb fb6   fb17fb5 fb4 fb3 fb2 fb1 fb14 fb16 fb15 fb7 Our Frank Beanland paintings FB12 FB11 FB10 FB9 FB8 I love an organic , artisan bakery. I so wish we had one here in our village. Delicious proper sourdough, baguettes, croissants and wood fired pizzas. ( and cookery classes and education for children  blah blah blah).The bakers in the village is for sale actually so come on ,somebody please do buy and set one up for us all. As good as the Two Magpies Bakery that`s making waves on the coast in Southwold, or just-discovered-by-me the fabulous e5 Bakehouse in the East End of London; situated in a stripped back railway arch ,making artisan bread, cakes, with a café, master bread making and cookery classes, music and now exhibiting( until Christmas), the colourful statement art of Frank Beanland. We are fortunate enough to own 5 pieces of Frank`s simple , bold, abstracts, and we really love them. I met him several years ago through an art dealer friend and it was quite amusing because Frank came here to our house, and I proudly showed him one of his paintings on our wall. ” But it`s upside down!” he said. No matter, I still love it and we haven`t moved it! I love the colours and shapes he makes, they have great depth with hints of other shades underneath. He works with oil on board, and also acrylic paints on newspaper, which he loves as he can revel in the speed at which he can set down ideas, and also in the freedom to experiment more that no-cost paper encourages. He is influenced by nature, country and coast ( he lives in Suffolk),and that is probably why we love the paintings which hint at harbours, and sea and boats. Wierdly, I found out about this exhibition at e5Bakehouse quite by chance. I had posted a photograph of a corner of our sitting room on Pinterest , that featured a painting by Frank with #frankbeanland, and I received a message from his daughter, Printmaker Lydia Beanland, who had spied our painting. It was great to hear from her. I love all these random connections .So if you get the chance do pop along to the Bakehouse for some great food ,and to see ( and buy) some great art.

e5Bakehouse:http://e5bakehouse.com/ Burnham Market Bakery for sale:http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32045826.html

More info about Frank Beanland Frank Beanland (b. 1936) Frank Beanland was born in 1936 at Bridlington in Yorkshire. He attended Hull College of Art from 1952 to 1957 and, after two years of National Service, studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, from 1959 to 1961. Beanland won a scholarship to continue his studies in Stockholm before returning to live in Cornwall, for many years a major centre of abstract art in England. In 1962, Beanland was invited by a fellow Slade student to join a number of other artists in Porthleven and paint by the harbour. They exhibited under the banner of the ‘Porthleven Group’. It was during this formative period in Porthleven that Beanland became an abstract painter. Previously he had been making sculptural, monumental landscapes using a palette knife, but here, perhaps unconsciously influenced by the proximity of the pebbles on the beach, his images began to fragment. Putting down mark upon mark, layer upon layer he reformulated space on the surface of his paintings. As a result, Beanland achieved his first two one-man shows in 1963 and 1965, both held at the Drian Gallery, London. In 1964 he took up a teaching post at Swansea College of Art. It was at this time that Beanland swapped his palette knife for a brush and his ‘spot paintings’ began to emerge. His focus moved from texture to light and colour. The building up of surface now consisted of putting a spot at the centre of another spot to give it greater intensity. These loose discs of colour, or ‘flower heads’ as he often called them, act like the impressionst’s hasty tache, describing the experience rather than the appearance of the landscape. However, as Guy Brett remarked in The Times, by ‘employing crowded, all-over compositions, Beanland gives his paintings a force more reminiscent of Jackson Pollock than Monet or Renoir’. When they were first shown at the Grabowski Gallery in 1967, Beanland’s spot paintings proved popular. Subsequently he developed a good working relationship with Peter Cochrane of Arthur Tooth & Sons where he had three one-man shows between 1969 and 1974. Beanland currently lives and works in East Anglia and his recent paintings are abstracted from nature.

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