A House by the Sea

I have arrived back from Spain (and our new house by the sea), to the most lovely and inspiring new book by celebrated American Interior Designer , Bunny Williams. The book is called A House by the Sea, and presents a tour of her home in the tropics, designed and custom built by her and her husband. Each page celebrates the wonderful, island-living beauty of the villa`s interiors, furnishings and collections. I love all things coastal and beachy ,and the house and the book are just gorgeous!






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An Autumn Feast

The October issue of the lovely Feast Norfolk magazine is just out now, so check out my column Famous Five on page 70, to read about the five thing I have loved eating this month…oct-2016


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`Who`d have thought it`, by Christine Webber

I first met the lovely Christine Webber over 30 years ago ( oops), when she bought clothes from my boutique in Norwich, and many of you who live in Norfolk, will remember her from her days at Anglia Televison. She now lives in Brighton, and she went on to became an agony aunt for various publications including TV Times, Best, Dare and BBC Parenting. She also wrote a column for the Scotsman and one for Woman called Sexplanations. She has written 12 non-fiction books including How to Mend a Broken Heart and Get the Happiness Habit. But finally, she has returned to her original love of writing fiction with Who’d Have Thought It?

I have read the book, in fact devoured it in one session, and I really loved it!


The book

`Who’d Have Thought It?`

This fun and `hitting a nerve` read is set against a backdrop of all the turbulence with typifies midlife in 2016.It is a novel which will make you laugh an dcry-often at the same time.

A year after discovering that her husband no longer loves her, Dr Annie Templeton wakes up with a sudden relish for singledom. However, she soon realises that being single in your fifties is very different from being single in your twenties. How, she wonders, do people of my age – with careers, adult children doing unwise things with unwise people, parents going gaga, and friends falling ill, or in or out of love – ever have the time and energy to find a new partner?

 Jarrolds in Norwich is a book event with Christine Webber on Thursday 20th Otcober, 6.15 for 6.30pm

Order your ticket here (includes a glass of wine):





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Barcelona Inside and Out

We have, as you probably know from reading my Blog, a second home in Southern Spain, and we love it. We really love this vast country which has something for everyone ;be it beaches, cities or mountains, so when a friend of mine Harriet Eastwood told me about `Barcelona Inside and Out` ,a fantastic company creating tailor-made tours ( set up by Harriet and her brother-in-law Anthony Eastwood), I had  to take a look. I also have never visited Barcelona!

The company ( based in Barcelona), creates unique and authentic holiday experiences, from idyllic beach getaways to adventure packed holidays in the Pyrenees..

“Our love of authentic travel and sharing what we know of the region with family and friends, was the inspiration behind the company. Wanting nothing to do with run of the mill tourism, we wanted to create unique, luxury travel experiences in Barcelona and Catalonia that really let its visitors get under the skin of this fabulous region.

Thanks to our extensive local knowledge and our contacts, we are able to create the kind of experiences that are normally only the domain of the locals; getting you well off the beaten track, so that you get a real feel for life here.”

Their tours are specifically based around what each individual wants to see and do, and they are always looking for new exciting ideas to include in their portfolio of experiences.

Rather than list the many ideas that they have , do take a look at their website or contact them for a chat, as they can organise, cultural tours, visits to wineries, monasteries, and many more of Catalonia`s riches.

The real Spain, the secret Spain; places that are off the tourist track ; opening doors normally closed to visitors and enjoying stunning locations that give you a real flavour of life in Spain. OLE!

Harriet: 01728 684311 (UK)     Anthony: 0034 666925295 (Spain).







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Cool Pool

We recently commissioned Fitt Signs and Graphics , who are based in Norwich to make some rather large letters for us. We have just bought a lovely new house in southern Spain , which has a swimming pool and we decided to have the word POOL in large letters on the  white wall behind it.

I knew which font we liked, and I knew roughly what size would work; to be in proportion to the wall, so all we needed was the lovely Max from Fitt Signs to sort it all out. He was very good and came to see us here in North Norfolk ,and we all sat down to work out what/how /where etc, because of course they would have to be shipped to Spain as well…

He sent me lots of progress pictures… the letters were made from marine ply , created in layers, primed and then sprayed white within an inch of their lives!

Despite a few hiccups, and five hours and three good men, (one of them my husband)in 35 degrees heat to fix them to the wall, ( they are 3 feet tall and weigh 20kg each!), they are now in residence in Spain, and they look FABULOUS!

PS One of the guys working on the house ( who will remaim nameless), did say to me “why are you having the word POOL on the wall , when everyone can see it`s a pool” …Love it!!!


new pool

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An Indian Summer

My lovely friend, the talented Interior Decorator Zara Bolingbroke-Kent, (who also owns Mini Maharajas) , has joined forces with Daisy Fellowes (Kapara London), and opened the most fabulous pop-up emporium above the Gurney`s Fish Shop in Burnham Market.

This just for the Summer store is called Jaipur Plaice, and is selling interiors accessories, furniture, exotic textiles, children`s clothing, travel goods and homewares.

It`s very gorgeous indeedy, (lovely colours) and I defy you to leave empty handed. So do pop along!





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A passion for ponchos

I love a poncho, and I am mad about cashmere. And it may seem crazy to be buying a cashmere (and merino wool) poncho ,on what is so far the hottest day of the year, but , as they say `snooze and you lose`. And to be honest with the British weather as unpredictable as it seems to be, even though it is `flaming June`, I most probably will be wearing it next week.

I have just purchased a fab darkest navy poncho with bitter chocolate leather fringing ,from the lovely Pom Pom Poodle company. I have bought many a pom-pom from them before ,and they also sell, wraps and scarves and hats et al, but this seasons ponchos are gorgeous. They come in a delicious range of colours too; bright pinks, oranges, fawn and grey are just a few of the shades to tempt you.

You can buy online or browse through the extensive list of stockists and find a shop near you that sells them. Perfect for that extra layer of style..

pom pom



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